ICCA Sector Destination Marketing Small Client/Supplier Business Workshop

ICCA Sector Destination Marketing Small Client/Supplier Business Workshop

Информация о мероприятии

In order to be fair and give as many destination marketing sector members as possible the opportunity to attend an ICCA Client/Supplier Business Workshop, priority will be given to members who have not attended the last workshop for 500+ delegates. Therefore any member who registers for the workshop who has attended the last workshop, which will take place in Brussels in June 2017, will be held on a waiting list until four months before the workshop takes place and if the workshop is not full and providing there is still a place for the country (no more than two bureaux from the same country can participate) then they will be able to register.

Criteria for accompanying clients:
- Clients must be decision makers or influencers of a European conference rotating between at least 3 European countries (only European conferences will be accepted)
- The meeting must have an attendance of up to 800 delegates (800 delegates is the maximum number of delegates)
- The conference must take place at least once every 4 years (but preferably every 2 years)
- The conference should last at least 3 days
- The association or the client must not have attended a Workshop within the last three years (an Exclusion List will be available under the “My ICCA” section of the website on 31 July 2017)

Registration will open in September 2017.

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