ICCA Association Meetings Programme - AMP 2018

ICCA Association Meetings Programme - AMP 2018

  • Место проведения:

    Любляна, Словения

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  • Контакты:

    +31 20 3981919

Информация о мероприятии

Who should attend the ICCA AMP?

ICCA Member sales and marketing mid-level managers working with international associations through
research, bidding, sales, marketing, ambassador programmes, or who provide organisational or technical
services for these meetings, who want to:
• Deepen their knowledge of association meetings.
• Join high-level education with a chance to network with prospective clients, hearing first hand
about their objectives, working culture and needs.
• Learn about latest trends and share best-practices.
Association Executives who are involved in negotiating, planning and/or running international
association meetings, and who want to:
• Exchange knowledge with destination partners and other association executives.
• Share their views on how to improve these strategic partnerships.
• Keep themselves up to date with the latest issues related to selecting and working with
destinations and the destination team members.

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