Why Sochi?


Sochi has been a main business tourism destination for decades. Many companies, organisations and governmental bodies chose and still choose Sochi as the ultimate place for conduction of their meetings. Because of Sochi's rich history in welcoming business tourists, nowhere in Russia you will find the level of experience and hospitality as high as in Sochi.

May your meeting be small or large, public or private, budget or exclusive, you will always have a number of appropriate venues and/or accommodations in our city. Sochi boasts many different hotels, resorts and sanatoria. Some are brand new (for instance the hyper modern Radisson SAS Park hotel, which has just opened its doors) while others date back from the thirties and are now considered to be Sochi's heritage. Furthermore, accommodations are spread throughout the whole city. Although most of them are located in or near the vivid city centre, many hotels are situated in the more quiet parts just outside the city limits.

As Sochi is Russia's number one destination for beach and health tourism in summer, it has a fluctuating seasonability. From October until May, while Sochi's mild subtropical climate can still be enjoyed, Sochi offers large discounts for incentive tours and for accommodation of conferences and events.

As for excursions and sightseeing, our multi-cultured city has a wide range of possibilities. For more details we would like to refer to our excursions page.