Compactness and accessibility of Sochi. Direct flights from main hubs in Russia, as well as from some international destinations.

To fly to Sochi - it is easy! There is beautiful modern and comfortable airport in the city of Sochi

There are more than 10 flights from Moscow daily. The airlines are to all major cities of Russia. 4 flights a day from Istanbul and back. It is easy and not expensive to reach Sochi by air. There are comfortable buses going to the center of Sochi and to Krasnaya Polyana from the airport every 30 minutes. Also there are comfortable trains to the center and to Krasnaya Polyana on schedule

To reach by the sea - no question! There is a beautiful new marina in Sochi

Sea voyages from a small port Anapa. Cruise liners routes from / to Europe. Daily communication with Turkey, Georgia and Abkhazia

There were built more than 15 new transport interchanges in Sochi for the Olympics city transformation

It is possible now to get by car to any place you need in area very quickly.

Now it is easy to climb the hill

There are more than 10 comfortable cableways with safe closed cabins year-round in the mountains, the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana

There are taxis - open electric cars in the new Imereti Coastal Cluster area and in the Olympic Park

In Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana there were built magnificent new roads and highways with direct tunnel complexes under mountains

Thanks to the new roads 90 km distance could be covered by no more than 1 hour. Sochi is very compact region with excellent accessibility and excellent safe transportation infrastructure.

Subway in Sochi! New comfortable electric trains

Speed and comfortable trains take you from the center of Sochi, Adler and Krasnaya Polyana on schedule and very fast!

After the Olympics, a number of major areas are completely adapted for biking

Dozens of bike rental for all tastes and sizes in all parts of the city.

The new ultra-modern railway stations

The station "Olympic Park"

The new ultra-modern railway stations

The new railway station "Adler"

Every day dozens of trains from all over Russia come to Sochi

There's even a two-story comfortable high-speed train from Moscow

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